CORONAVIRUS: please note that due to the current Government instruction on care for the public and particularly the over 70s and those with underlying health concerns we will NOT be holding our Friday morning meetings until further notice.

All Coffee Mornings and Bingo are also suspended until further notice, as is the events programme.

If you would like to have a chat to alleviate the boredom, please phone the charity number 07961 566118 and we can arrange to have someone call you back.


The Chairman’s Report for the year end March 2020

We are in unprecedented times where we do not know from one day to another what  will be happening and just keeping our fingers crossed that we get through this Corona Virus with the minimum of suffering to those we know and care for.

We have experienced a consolidation of our Charity with changes in our structure of our Volunteers and Committee members making the operational structure more balanced.  

We took the decision to temporarily close the social side of our Charity to protect both the Volunteers and the Clients from unnecessary contact and this was before Social Distancing became the norm.  However, we continue to care for our Clients with telephone calls on a regular basis to ensure that they have contact with those that normally would be supporting in whatever way is necessary.

We suspended our Social Calendar until such time as we are able to meet face to face again and events have been postponed or cancelled as appropriate.

During our year to February 2020 we were taking some of our Clients to hospital, waiting with them in order to give support and reassurance prior to their appointments, shopping and visiting where Clients needed our assistance.

We purchased a Scooter for a Client who had difficulty in walking and when it is not required it is held at Castle Farm with our other equipment.

We provided a Respite Break for two of our Clients at the The Dales in Sheringham with tickets for the Thursford Christmas Spectacular. Another of our events was a visit to the Hippodrome Circus at Great Yarmouth, where one client was heard to remark that it was 42 years in her last visit. This was followed by a walk along the Promenade.

The Toftwood Methodist Chapel 50th Anniversary funds collected were £101 at our Cake Stall.

Other events were, June - Bawdeswell Garden Centre for Afternoon Tea, this is a very popular event as the minute the date is released it is full.  July – Castle Farm Sunday lunch in the grounds; September a visit to the Cromer Show; November Ely Cathedral Christmas Craft Fair and also in November was the Craft Fair held at Toftwood Methodist Chapel with many of the items on offer crafted by the Sewing Sisters.  The Hunter’s Hall Christmas Lunch is another very popular event which has outgrown the Victorian Barn and now has to be held in the Marquee plus we had a fully booked coach to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular.

The Committee finds that the support by the Clients and their Carers for these events is remarkable to see the enjoyment it gives to each and every one.

We have Recruited many more volunteers willing to help with Coffee Mornings but need to recruit more Trustees, to oversee the running of the Charity and to comply with the Charity Commission requirements.  Perhaps a result of the Corona Virus will make people more willing to give of their time to support those less fortunate than themselves. 

The committee currently consists of:

Chair                                       Jean Wright          

Treasurer             Vivienne Maddison 

Administration        Margaret Barrett  

Social Secretary         Moira Cranmer 

Therapist            Marion Murphy

Helpers and Befrienders.    Mary Varns, Beryl Orme, Janis Young.

In the light of the fact that we cannot have re-election of Officers of our Charity, may we take it that you would all wish to stand again in your current posts. Should any person wish to stand down please let us know.

Equipment available for loan, which is kept at Castle Farm is:

2 raised toilet seats;  2 Zimmer Frames;  1 Trolley;

3 wheelchairs, 2 light, 1 heavy;  I electric scooter;  I unused grey wig also, Margaret has miscellaneous headwear, including 2 wigs.

We have lost friends, Joyce Nichols, whose family donated the funds raised at the funeral to the Charity.  Lance P. who sadly Margaret didn’t know until just before he died.  Phillip Johnstone whom we had known for a very long time.   Our thoughts go out to the bereaved and all our Committee members are available at the end of a telephone.

There is a full programme for the remainder of this year but under the current Virus guidance it  may well have to be postponed.  The Web site is being extended to include a page for the programme and any important announcements.

May we eventually see the end of the Lock Down but until then you are all in our thoughts and prayers and may your God go with you.


Jean Wright.



Treasurer’s Report


Because of the current situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic we have been unable to get the accounts audited. This will be considered later in the year.


We started the year on a healthy bank balance on April 1st  2019 of £24794.94.


Because we have no overheads, like rent, or electricity charges,  all the money we raise goes straight to where it is needed. In this Caring Friends for Cancer is unique. And for this we have the Romany Rye, and all the staff at Wetherspoons, to thank for our three hour slot every Friday morning.


Our only overhead is the Charity mobile phone, which is the number advertised on the website and used for all official contact and that from our clients and members too. It means that when the usual contact is away on holiday, or unavailable, then it is taken by another committee member to ensure the contact is kept, without any intrusion to the staff member’s privacy.

And while on the subject of the website I would like to make it known that our webmaster donated the cost of the last update.


You’ll see that we raised a total of £14335.92 which includes all the money that is paid over for the trips out. It is important to say at this point that we run our trips at cost, rarely making a profit on what the charges are, and sometimes at a loss.


Set against this income were the expenses of £13222.48 which of course includes all the expenses incurred in our events. So the extra in the bank balance of £1113.44 is a healthy increase, but only just to show that our committee is on the ball making sure that we stay solvent.


We bought some new equipment, an electric scooter which was in use for probably 6 months by one of our younger clients in order that he was able to join in with the family following debilitating prostate surgery. We have several wheelchairs, toilet seats, trolleys, a Zimmer frame, all of which are available to borrow as required, and were donated. We also have a few wigs. 


There were two uncleared cheques at the end of the year, the one to EOE will not now be cleared as they terminated the business towards the end of last year, so we can almost take that as a donation from them now! The other cheque for DBS is for the checks that we have to have done every three years to ensure that all those who are concerned in the running of the charity are not on any police records anywhere. Current checks are on hold pending the release of the coronavirus lockdown situation. All staff are in the sector requiring isolation.

Within the sum of £1132.56 for miscellaneous/equipment purchase is an amount of £250 for advertising costs and £358.40 for our public liability insurance, £20 for the licence for running our lottery. The scooter was just over £300 and is now available for anyone else who might need it.










And a final note from Margaret!!


In these tough times we are all thinking of each other, all of us in isolation and sadly that means all of your committee too, because we are all over a certain age! Many of us are trying to contact as many as we can and if you haven’t had a phone call, then please contact us, we will be glad to hear from you.


Charity number, held by Margaret at present, 07961 566118.

Moira 07915 484150

Jean on 01362 638302


We are limited in what we can do to help, but we can put you in touch with someone who can. Dereham Cares has been advertised in the Dereham Times and I personally have a list of companies with their phone numbers which was issued by the EDP recently. So give us a call, we might also be lonely!


So... stay safe, stay well and stay in.



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