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Obviously all of what follows is dependant on what happens in the pandemic situation, and because we are a Member Governed charity we are open to suggestions from the members on how they want their charity run. So any changes in what we do would need to be notified to those members in order for them to vote.

1. Providing a social life by getting together each week over a coffee. This also gives anyone with a problem a chance to air that problem privately and ask for any assistance they might require. We also have a dedicated mobile phone for contact by clients and enquirers.  We can also arrange a private area for someone to open up in times of upset or stress.

2. Providing a chance for someone needing a respite break to get in touch. We have organised several breaks for clients over the past several years in a venue which best suits their needs, including with hospital beds and on-call nurse.

3. We are able to enter people’s homes and help out with a cup of tea and sympathy.

4. We can collect prescriptions, or shopping, as required.

5. We also can take people to medical appointments at their doctor’s, dentist’s or the hospitals, and if necessary staying with the client during the appointment in order to be a second set of ears and possibly help with remembering some of the salient points. We are also able to sit with clients during their chemo appointments for company and support.

6. We have a social committee which organises outings on a monthly basis.

7. We also have a Christmas lunch each year and a garden party in the summer.

8. We run bingo each month for fund raising.

9. We hold a coffee morning each month for fund raising.

10. We also hold a craft fair just before Christmas to fund raise.

11. We also have our own reflexologist.

12. We have a range of mobility aids that can be lent out on semi permanent basis if required.

All our volunteers are fully DBS checked.


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